USB30W04MT Camera Module

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This 300k pixel USB camera adopts the OV7725 chip. It can connect a Wi-Fi module, an IR CUT filter (switching available) and IR LED board (port preserved), which frees it of the partial color problem of an IR camera. Thus this camera is widely applied on QR code scanning, ATM surveillance, surveillance for construction site, etc. Besides, it’s small in size and quite easy to use, and you can just plug and play without installing any drivers.


  • This USB camera adopts the OV7725 chip and fits various PC Operating Systems and Raspberry Pi.
  • Supports 300k pixels, a maximum resolution of 640x480, and MJPEG/ YUV2 (YUYV) packed formats.
  • Supports multiple resolutions (max 640x480), and an adjustable frame ranges from 5fps to 30fps
  • High speed USB2.0 port, plug and play
  • Power supply: USB BUS POWER 4P-2.0mm socket; Working voltage: DC5V.

Model: RER-USB30W04MT
Sensor: OV7725
Lens Size: 1/4 inch
Max. Resolution: 640(H) x 480(V)
Power Supply: USB BUS POWER 4P-2.0mm socket
Working Voltage: DC5V
Working Current: 110mA-130mA
Working Temperature: -10 - 70℃
Storage Temperature: -20 - 85℃
Dimension: 38 x 38 x 28 mm
Weight: 17.5g (cable not included)
Cable Length: 1m


USB30W04MT Camera Module Parameters is shown as below:
USB30W04MT Camera Module.pdf