TM-8120MG Digital Servo

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The controllable digital servo has a large torque and a wide angle, and the range of torque is 20.5kg/cm ~22.8kg/cm; the angle range is 0°~270°. The servo is commonly used in robots, mechanical arms and so on.

Main Features

  • Stall Torque: 20.5kg/cm (284.7oz/in) ~ 22.8kg/cm (316.63oz/in) 
  • No Load Speed: 0.18sec/60°~0.14sec/60°
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V~7.2V
  • Dead Band Width: 5μs
  • Weight: 56g±5%
  • Motor Type: Carbon brush motor
  • Gear Type: 5 Metal
  • Size: 40.0*20.5*40.5 mm (1.58 * 0.79 * 1.60 in)

Introduction of the Pins

  • VCC: 4.8-7.2V working voltage
  • GND: ground
  • Signal: signal output


For Arduino

Using Steps

Step 1: Connect the circuit.

Step 2: Flash the sample code.

Open Arduino IDE, then click File -> Examples -> Servo,and select sweep.

TM-8120MG Servo.png

Click the Tool, choose the development board and the relevant port; click "√", and then choose "→".

TM-8120MG-1 Servo.png

When the upload is done, you can see the servo turning from 0°to 180°then turning from 180°to 0° and circulate the operation in this way.


TD-8120MG Digital Servo_Datasheet