Sound Sensor Module

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Sound sensor module(front).jpgSound sensor module(back).jpg
Sound sensor is used to receive acoustic wave and display the vibration image of sound. It has a build-in capacitively electret microphone that is sensitive to sound. The electret fil min microphone vibrates with the acoustic wave resulting in the change of capacitance and the subsequent micro voltage. Then the micro voltage is sent to LM393 comparator on the module before being compared with the threshold set by the blue potentiometer. When the sound intensity in the surroundings doesn’t reach the threshold, OUT interface outputs high level signals; otherwise, outputs low level signals.

Main Features

  1. Measuring the intensity of sound (Note: only detect the existence of sound according to the principle of vibration);
  2. Adjustable sensitivity (you can use the blue potentiometer shown in the picture);
  3. Working Voltage: 3.3V~5V;
  4. Output Mode: Digital Switch Output (low level under working mode);
  5. Mounting Hole;
  6. Size of PCB: 3.2cm x 1.7cm

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