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Q1: The servo spin 360 degrees, instead of the standard 180 degrees of rotation

Smart Video Car for Raspberry Pi kit has changed the different types of servo, it spin 360 degrees instead of standard 180 degrees of rotation.
You can operate like this to solve the issue:
Firstly assemble other parts of the car kit but don't assemble parts related to servo's shaft yet. After other parts are assembled properly, please connect the wires including wires of servos. Install software and then run If it runs without errors, please try manually rotating the servo. Only if the servo can't be rotated, has it been fixed in 90 degrees.
Now, the user manual is updated, please refer to :Smart+Video+Car+for+Raspberry+Pi+2017.8.30.pdfPDF.jpg

Q2: Servo noise

You can do some tests:
1. When the servo makes an abnormal noise, take a look at the steering gear for any heat (caution burns)
2. Please check the servos have been calibrated according to the instruction.
3. Try to disconnect the servos to see if it is possible to turn the rock arm by hand.If you sound 'ka ka ka', the servo is broken.
4. If steering servo does not rotate, check whether the steering link is bent
In addition, if possible, it is best to send us some pictures or video.

Q3: Have not enough power to turn left or right

It may be due to the front wheel steering link and servo arm between the lock is too tight, causing the connecting rod bending.

Q4:run "sudo pip install django" appear error

the last Django version does not support python 2.7.
our code only runs on python2.7
Install a previous Django version 1.11


sudo pip install django==1.11