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DS1302 is a trickle charging clock chip, launched by DALLAS in America. With a built-in real-time clock/calendar and a 31-byte static RAM, it can communicate with MCU through simple serial interfaces. The real-time clock/calendar circuit provides information about second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year. DS1302 can automatically adjust the number of days per month and days in leap year. You can determine to use a 24-hour or 12-hour system by AM/PM selection. It can simply communicate with MCU in synchronous serial way and only needs to use three interface cables: Reset (RST) cable, I/O data (SDA) cable and serial clock (SCL) cable. The schematic diagram of the module: SF.png

Block Diagram

Ds1302 b.png

Pin Function

Ds1302 c.png


  • Completely Manages All Timekeeping Functions
    • Real-Time Clock Counts Seconds,Minutes, Hours, Date of the Month, Month,Day of the Week,and Year with Leap-Year Compensation Valid Up to 2100
    • 31 x 8 Battery-Backed General-Purpose RAM
  • Simple Serial Port Interfaces to Most Microcontrollers
    • Simple 3-Wire Interface
    • TTL-Compatible (VCC = 5V)
    • Single-Byte or Multiple-Byte (Burst Mode) Data Transfer for Read or Write of Clock or RAM Data
  • Low Power Operation Extends Battery Backup Run Time
    • 2.0V to 5.5V Full Operation
    • Uses Less Than 300nA at 2.0V
  • 8-Pin DIP and 8-Pin SO Minimizes Required Space
  • Optional Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C Supports Operation in a Wide Range of Applications


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