Mifare RC522 Module RFID Reader

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MF RC522 is a highly integrated read and write card chip applied to the 13.56MHz contactless communication. Launched by the NXP Company, it is a low-voltage, low-cost, and small-sized non-contact card chip, a best choice for intelligent instrument and portable handheld devices.
The MF RC522 uses advanced modulation and demodulation concept which fully presented in all types of 13.56MHz passive contactless communication methods and protocols. In addition, it supports rapid CRYPTO1 encryption algorithm to verify MIFARE products. MFRC522 also supports MIFARE series of high-speed non-contact communication, with a two-way data transmission rate of up to 424kbit/s. As a new member of the 13.56MHz highly integrated reader card series, MF RC522 is much similar to the existing MF RC500 and MF RC530 when there are also great differences. It communicates with the host machine via the serial manner which needs less wiring. You can choose between SPI, I2C and serial UART mode (similar to RS232), which helps reduce the connection, save PCB board space (smaller size), and reduce cost.

Pin Function

Electrical Parameters

Operating current: 13—26mA/DC 3.3V
Idle current: 10-13mA/ DC 3.3V
Sleep current: <80uA
Peak current: <30mA
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
Supported Cards: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70, mifare UltraLight, mifare Pro, mifare Desfire
Physical features: size: 40mm×60mm
Ambient operating temperature: - 20-80 degrees centigrade
Ambient storage temperature: - 40-85 degrees centigrade
Ambient relative humidity: 5%—95%

Module Interface SPI Parameters

Data Transfer Rate: Max. 10Mbit / s