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Before any operations, you need to log into the Raspberry Pi remotely first. Here's how:
1. Get the IP address of the Raspberry Pi:
2. Log in with the IP address, by ssh or VNC:
For ssh:
For VNC:
Now you're on the RPi already. Open a terminal for command lines. Let's see what's next.

Install dragit1.png

1. Type in the command below:


Install dragit2.png

2. After download is done, type in the command to run:

 sudo python

Install dragit3.png
3. Then you can see what to install. Switch to the one you'd like to install by the arrow key, and check the box by Space bar.
To apply the sensor kit with Dragit, you only need to install the top one, Install Dragit.

Install dragit4.docx.png

Then the program will finish the installation automatically. Just wait for a while and DO NOT disconnect the network.

Install dragit5.docx.png

If the prompt above appears, it means the installation is done.
Then reboot the Raspberry Pi:

 sudo reboot

On your computer/tablet, open a web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari recommended), enter the IP address of the Raspberry Pi and then 8000:

Install dragit6.png

Then you're in the Dragit window.