IR Remote Controller Configuration for OSMC

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In this guide, the lirc library is used.
Here we use
1. An IR receiver and an IR remote control. (you can get it from
2. A Raspberry Pi with OSMC.
3. A screen with HDMI port or other ports with a converter to HDMI.
4. A Wi-Fi adapter or a cable to connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet
5. A PC or a laptop, with Linux, which is connected to the Internet with wire or wirelessly.
Connect the IR receiver like this: (no wire required)


1. Find out the IP address of the Raspberry Pi on OSMC

On OSMC, with your keyboard, go through My OSMCNetworkWire or Wireless.
Then on the right side the IP appears.

2. Log in OSMC via ssh

Open a terminal (T1) on your PC or laptop. Log in OSMC through ssh from another Linux.
'ssh osmc@ '(Replace the IP address with your own in your OSMC)
Type in yes and press Enter
Type in the password: osmc (Note: Both the user name and password in OSMC is osmc, in lower case)
There you go.

3. Change the pins. Plug a keyboard into your Raspberry Pi

On OSMC, with your keyboard, go through My OSMCPi ConfigHardware Support → -gpio_out_pin, (if there is no –gpio_out_pin in Hardware Support, select Enable LIRC GPIO support and press Enter) and press the key left or right arrow to change it to 23. Then press the down arrow key to turn to -gpio_in_pin, also press left or right to change it to 18 Like this:

|Enable LIRC GPIO support █ |
| -gpio_out_pin 23 |
| -gpio_in_pin 18 |

Select OK and press Enter to confirm.

4. Configure the auto startup of lirc

On your PC or laptop (remote access window):

$ sudo vi /etc/modules

Press the "i" key to enter the edit mode and add the following lines

lirc_rpi gpio_in_pin=18

Then press "Esc" to exit the edit mode, enter the command to save and exit


5. Reboot

$ sudo reboot

6. Log in OSMC again via ssh (the IP may change)

$ssh osmc@

7. Search for the pid of the lirc sever

$pgrep –l lircd

Then the following will be printed:
So the number before lircd is its pid.

8. Kill the licd sever (replace "290" below with the pid you just searched out)

$sudo kill 290

9. Add the root permission for licd

$sudo lircd --permission 666

10. On your PC or laptop:

Open another terminal (T2). Download our configuration file from Github.

$git clone

Go to Sunfounder_IR_Media_Remote_Control_Lirc_config/:

$cd Sunfounder_IR_Media_Remote_Control_Lirc_config/

Copy the lircd.conf file to OSMC via the scp command (change the IP to your OSMC's)

$scp ./lircd.conf osmc@

In terminal T1:
Copy lircd.conf to /etc/lirc/:

$cd ~
$sudo cp lircd.conf /etc/lirc/

11. Run the licd sever

$sudo /run/lirc/

Since we've set "PREV" as the previous song, "NEXT" as the next song, "PLAY/PAUSE" as to play/pause, "+" as volume up, "-" as volume down, "EQ" as mute, "2" as up, "8" as down, "4" as left, "6" as right, "5" as OK, "7" as back. Finally it is all done! Now you can try pressing the buttons on your remote control!