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The infrared-receiver Module use the 1838b as the infrared receiving head which receives infrared signals and can independently receive infrared ray and output signals compatible with TTL level. It's similar with a normal plastic-packaged transistor in size and it is suitable for all kinds of infrared remote control and infrared transmission.
The schematic diagram of the Module is as follows:

Pin Description of 1838b

Ir-receiver3.png Ir-receiver4.png

Block Diagram


Application Circuit



• Light detecting portion of remote control
• AV instruments such as Audio, TV, VCR, CD, MD, etc.
• Home appliances such as Air-conditioner, Fan, etc.
• The other equipments with wireless remote control.
• CATV set top boxes
• Multi-media Equipment


‧ High protection ability against EMI.
‧ Circular lens for improved reception characteristics.
‧ Line-up for various center carrier frequencies.
‧ Low voltage and low power consumption.
‧ High immunity against ambient light.
‧ Photodiode with integrated circuit.
‧ TTL and CMOS compatibility.
‧ Long reception distance.
‧ High sensitivity.
‧ Pb free and RoHS compliant.


IR-Receiver_datasheet PDF.jpg
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Test Experiment for ArduinoLINK.jpg