55g Metal Gear Servo

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MG 0571.jpg
This metal gear servo has a torque of as large as 13.5KG. It rotates from 0-180 degrees. You can control its gear to rotate to a certain degree by program. The metal gear used is not prone to breaking due to crashes so it is perfect for various smart remote models. The connection cable is 30cm long; the orange wire is the signal wire, brown, the ground, and red, the power. The servo works under the voltage of 4.8~6.0V.


1) Metal Gear Servo with a brushed DC coreless motor inside, making quick response, strong adaptability, and low electromagnetic interference 2) Stall Torque: 12 kg/cm(4.8V), 15kg/cm(6V) 3) Metal gear and dual-ball bearing 4) Dimensions : 54.1 x 20 x 44.3 mm; Weight: 55g 5) Supports voltage control in bipolar driver mode