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Solution steps

Solve the problem that the touch screen of RasPad does not work properly (but not for the case where the touch screen does not work or the touch screen is inaccurate). For example, a blue selection box will appear in different places on the screen, and a character delay will occur when using the virtual keyboard. etc.
1. Download and unzip the file "" to your computer.
2. Run the application software "ilitekUSBUpgradeTool_v2.3.5.7.exe".
3. Plug the USB on the left side of the RasPad into your computer. Boot RasPad .
4. Update the driver according to the file "ILITEK_TP_FW_UPGRADE_TOOL_v2.0.0.0_ENG.pdf".
5. After the update is complete, you can install Rasberry Pi and use RasPad.

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