The touch screen does not work properly FAQ

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Solution steps

Solve the problem that the touch screen does not work properly (but not for the case where the touch screen does not work). For example, a blue selection box will appear in different places on the screen, and a character delay will occur when using the virtual keyboard. etc.
1. Download and unzip the file "" to your computer.
2. Run the application software "ilitekUSBUpgradeTool_v2.3.5.7.exe".
3. Plug the USB on the left side of the RasPad into your computer. Boot RasPad .
4. Update the driver according to the file "ILITEK_TP_FW_UPGRADE_TOOL_v2.0.0.0_ENG.pdf".
5. After the update is complete, you can install Rasberry Pi and use RasPad.

Resource ZIP.jpg