IR Tracking Sensor Module

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The schematic diagram for tracking module is as shown in figure (a). The TCRT5000 sensor (or infrared photoelectric sensor) is used.The blue LED of TRT5000 is the emission tube and after electrified it emits infrared light invisible to human eye. The black part of the sensor is for receiving; the resistance of the resistor inside changes with the infrared light received.
The IR emission tube of TCRT5000 sensor constantly emits infrared light. Since the black absorbs light, when the IR emission tube shines on a black surface, the reflected light is less and so less IR rays are received by the receiving tube. It indicates the resistance is large; then the comparator outputs high and the indicator LED goes out. Similarly, when it shines on a white surface, the reflected light becomes more. So the resistance of the receiving tube is lower; thus, the comparator outputs low and the indicator LED lights up.


1) The sensor TRT5000 is highly sensitive with reliable performance 2) Utilize infrared to detect, high capacity of resisting disturbance 3) Working voltage: 3-5V DC; PCB size: 1.4 x 3.5 cm 4) The signal indicator keeps off when the rays emitted by the sensor encounter white lines, and lights up when the rays meet black lines. 5) Use a comparator LM393 that works stably 6) Adjustable sensitivity 7) Power light and indicator of digital signal output


The module can be applied to smart tracking car and usually in robot project.


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