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== '''Main Features'''==
== '''Main Features'''==
<li>Photosensitive Sensor (photoelectric switch) NPN always on;</li>
<li>Type: E18-D80NK;</li>
<li>Input Voltage: 5VDC;</li>
<li>Load Current: 100mA;</li>
<li>Sensing Distance: Around 80CM;</li>
<li>Diameter: 18MM;</li>
<li>Sensor Length: 45MM;</li>
<li>Lead Length: 45CM.</li>

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This product, photoelectric sensor integrates emitting and receiving and its detection distance is adjustable. The sensor can detect very long distance free from the interruption of visible light. Owing to the advantages on price, assembly and operation, it is widely applied in so much automatic work, like obstacle avoidance of robot and piecework on assembly line.

Main Features

  • Photosensitive Sensor (photoelectric switch) NPN always on;
  • Type: E18-D80NK;
  • Input Voltage: 5VDC;
  • Load Current: 100mA;
  • Sensing Distance: Around 80CM;
  • Diameter: 18MM;
  • Sensor Length: 45MM;
  • Lead Length: 45CM.