XKT412-01 Wireless Charging Transmitter Receiver Power Supply Module

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Wireless charging is the way that applies the principle of electromagnetic induction to charge devices. And the principle of this charging method is similar to that of voltage transformer. There is a coil respectively on both of the transmitting end and the receiving end.

Connected to the wired power supply, the coil of the transmitting end generates an electromagnetic signal, and the coil on the receiving end senses the electromagnetic signal from the transmitting end and then generates a current to charge the battery.

Currently, the sensing distance of the module ranges from 1~20mm.

Xkt412 1.jpg


  • The size of transmission module: 17mm x 12mm x 4mm
  • The size of transmitting coil and receiving coil: 40mm(OD) x 1.8mm(thickness)
  • Connection Mode: pin1 to negative electrode of power supply; pin2 to positive electrode; pin3 and pin4 to external transmission coils.
  • Working voltage of the transmission module: 5V~12V
  • Working current of the transmission module: decreases with the receiving load current getting lower.
  • Output current of the receiving module: 5V/500mA
  • Sensing distance: 1~20mm(this range can be broaden by increasing the number of turns of the receiving coil under the low current working mode).

Working Principle

Wireless charging refers to the charging device that applies the principle of electromagnetic induction. The principle is similar to that of voltage transformer. With a coil at emitting and receiving ends respectively, the module has a wired power supply at the emitting terminal to produce electromagnetic signal. The receiving terminal receives the signal from the emitting end to produce current to electrify the battery. Currently, the accessible emitting and receiving distance of the product ranges 1-20mm.
Xkt412 3.jpg Note:
Firstly, find the right emitting and receiving terminals by following the picture. Do not directly connect the two coils. There should be a spacing distance ranging 1-20mm.