UPS Lithium Battery Extension Board

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Have you seen a huge truck being powered by a small yet powerful engine? Raspberry Pi is the powerful engine, but after you finish the cool project, how to keep your project running without refrains of powersuply? A fully power-packed extension board to turn your Raspberry Pi to that powerful engine with 24 x 7 power supply without any hinderance. Along with a built-in battery charger circuit, your Raspberry Pi will keep running even while on charge!
The main board is integrated with over-current and over-discharge protection. Output with self-recovery fuse leaves out RPi's burnout resulting from external short circuit.Besides, you will be able to always keep track of the charge, discharge and battery level display with the 4+2 built-in LEDs.
Equipped with a high capacity 3.7V 3800mAh battery and 5V/2.5A output in max. The RPi UPSPack Standard board supports Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and lower versions.

Feature List

Input: 5V
1)Main board's power supplied only by lithium battery, the output is 5V/2.5A in max.
2) The power capacitor plugged, the output is 5V/3A in max.
2 USB Output Port


Product List

1 x RPi UPS Pack Standard board
1 x 3.7V 3800mAh battery

Required Preparation

1. RPi 4B/3B+
2. USB Cable

Hardware Operation

Thread the cable of the lithium cell through the square hole on the UPS lithium battery extension board to the port of the battery. Get one side of the USB cable plugged in the USB external power supply port on the UPS lithium battery extension board and the other side to the power supply port of RPi.
Toggle the UPS switch to ON, and the UPS will supply power outside. Choose a USB port from the double-USB at random to supply power for the RPi series mainboard. Toggle the switch to OFF if you want to power off the device.
MicroUSB provides power supply ports for outside charging UPS. When there is a 4.9-5.2V external power supply, the internal lithium cell of UPS starts being charged, and at the same time the STATUS light blinks. When the cell is charged, STATUS light turns to be ever bright.

Final Effect