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Gp003 1.png
New and improved NESPi Case+ Plus version with Safe Shutdown and Safe Reset function. It will be more safe for your SD card during shutdown and reset.We created this Pi case by applying the most iconic element in the retro game world as a homage to the most classic console ever made.

Behind the small, hinged door, there are two USB ports and one standard RJ-45 connector. We put the slot for your Micro SD card on the side to allow more space for you to operate more freely. It has improved HDMI and Audio ports to enhance the experience of using your HDMI and audio out-put cables. There's even room for a cooling fan.


  • Safe Shutdown and Safe Reset (
  • Functional POWER and RESET buttons
  • Metadata in emulationstation will be saved when rebooting and shutting down
  • NES case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+
  • Easy access to the SD-Card and all other ports without opening the case

Package includes

  • 1 x Retroflag NESPI CASE
  • 2 x Heat Sinks
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Cooling Fan
  • Several Mounting Accessories


a. Product List

  • 1. 1.5cm screw x 4
  • 2. Nut x 4
  • 3. 0.95cm x 6
  • 4. Screw x 2
  • 5. Cross Screwdriver
  • 6. Radiator Sink x 2
  • 7. Fan
  • 8. Retroflag NESPI CASE

b. Required Preparation

  • 1. 3b or 3b+
  • 2. hdmi cable
  • 3. Display
  • 4. RPi Power Adapter
  • 5. Mouse
  • 6. Keyboard
  • 7. Internet Cable

Hardware Operation

 1. Fix the fan with 1.5 screws and nuts.

Gp003 1.png

 2. Uncover Retroflag NESPI CASE, and connect it with RPi as shown. After that, cover these parts.

Gp003 2.png

 3. Put the 6 screws in these holes and screw them separately.

Gp003 3.png

 4. Insert sd card.

Gp003 4.png

 5. Connect Retroflag NESPI CASE & display via hdmi cable.

Gp003 5.png

 6. Your RPi needs internet connection first. Please uncover the remarked part and plug the internet cable into Retroflag NESPI CASE. (If your RPi has been connected to internet, you can skip this step.) 

Gp003 6.png

 7. Hook up the mouse & keyboard.

Gp003 7.png

 8. Plug the adapter in the micro usb port to power RPi via Retroflag NESPI CASE

Gp003 8.png

 9.  Finally press the switch to start RPi.

Gp003 9.png

Software Operationration

 1. Click to go to RPi terminal.

Gp003 10.png

 2. Type in the following commands

Gp003 11.png

 3. Select the previously downloaded nes game file and then click in order file==》open==》Open.

Gp003 12.png

 4.After that, you need to make some settings to make the game better. First, you need to set the interface size, as shown below

Gp003 13.png

 5. Double press the key mapping you want to set and press the corresponding keys. If you use a handle, just select the handle on the left.

Gp003 14.png

 6. Successed 

Gp003 15.png

Final Effect

Gp02 12.png