Raspberry pi case with 3.5" touch screen(480x320)

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Complete your Pi setup with our custom designed faceplate specifically designed to fit your 3.5" touch screen and Raspberry Pi 4 B case base!
High quality ABS material, this case base is a simple way to enclose your 3.5" touch screen and Raspberry Pi 4 B safely and in style.
The 3.5" touch screen is also included in this kit, it has a high resolution 480*320 and a high refreshing rate, nearly 40-50 frames per second, thus giving you the best fantastic game-play and vedio-watching experience.
There is a fan connector on the back of the screen, which allows you to cool down the Raspberry Pi while using the screen.

Feature List

  • ABS material
  • Size: 91mm*62mm*34mm
  • For Raspberry Pi 4 Model B1 x ABS Case


Product List

  • 1 x 3.5inch Touch Screen
  • 1 x Touch Pen
  • 1 x Cooling Fan
  • Several Thermal Silicone Pads
  • Several Mounting Accessories

Required Preparation

  • Raspberry Pi 4B

Hardware Operation


a. Assemble 1 & 2 as follows.


b. Place RPi 4B on the part 4 and screw the part 4 and RPi with the part 3.


c. Enclose the finished parts with the part 6.


d. Connect the fan with RPi and stick the part 5 on the indicated position as shown.


e. Cover the part 2 on the part 6 and fasten them.


f. Remove the pad from the part 7 and stick them on the part 4 to protect the enclosure.