Raspberry Pi Compatible USB Gamepad

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In between bouts of hacking and tinkering every Raspberry Pi programmer needs some rest and recreation! What better way to relax and unwind, than loading up your favorite 90s retro game and blasting some aliens' pew!

These Raspberry Pi gamepads not only look the bee's knee's, but they have a comfortable edging, have excellent tactile #clicky# feedback and work with all the emulators we could get our hands on! It's wired USB with a 1.4m cable, and it's plug and play with RetroPie.

Button-wire, it features all the usual suspects - LT, RT, L1, LB, RB, X, Y, A, B, BACK, START and D-PAD. It's also got additional analogue joysticks which are mapped to the D-PAD; you turn it on and off with the big shiny button in the middle. Honestly, what more do you need from a gamepad?


  • Compatible with RPi 4B, 3B+/3B in RetroPie system.1.75m Cable
  • USB Interface
  • Dual L & R Shoulder Buttons
  • Four Way Direction Pad (D-Pad)
  • Back and Start Buttons
  • Analog and Digital Modes Supported
  • Two 360 Mini-Joysticks with Digital Buttons