LM2596S DC-DC Power Supply Step Down Module

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The voltage-regulating module can output voltage values ranging from 1.25V to 35V by adjusting potentiometer with ease.

Main Features

  • Input Voltage: 3.2V ~ 40V
  • Output Voltage: 1.25V ~ 35V(Adjustable)
  • Output Current: ≤ 3A
  • Conversion Efficiency: ≤ 92%
  • Output Ripple: < 30mV
  • Switching Frequency: 65KHz
  • Working Temperature: -45℃~ +85℃
  • Standard Size: 43.2mm x 21.0mm x 14.0mm (Length x Width x Height)

Working Principle

1. Input Voltage Range: DC 3.2V~40V (the input voltage must be more than 1.5V higher than the voltage to be output.)
2. Output Voltage Range: DC 1.25V~35V continuous adjustable voltage with high efficiency (up to 92%); the output current can reach 3A. Get a power supply (3-40v), the power indicator light is on and the module is working well.
3. Adjust the blue potentiometer knob (generally clockwise rotation makes boost, and turning counter-clockwise makes step-down). Monitor the output voltage to get the desired voltage with a multimeter.

Application Examples

1. It can be applied to the vehicle regulated power supply. It only needs to connect the input end of this module to the cigarette lighter of the car, and the potentiometer can be adjusted. The output voltage can be adjusted at 1.25-30V for your mobile phone, MP3, MP4, Powering many devices, such as PSP charging, is very simple and convenient.
2. To power the electronic equipment, when the equipment needs a 3 ~ 35V power supply, the voltage can be easily adjusted to the required voltage by using this module.
3. It can be used for system working voltage test. When doing the project, you can use this module to debug the working voltage range of various voltage test systems.


It is recommended that the current be within 2.5A for a long working and the heat sink (more than 10W output) should be added at the same time. Here we use a step-down module, in order to ensure the stability of the output, please keep the minimum differential voltage being 1.5V.