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(Experimental Procedures For Arduino)
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[[File:Flame Sensor Module(Principle).jpg]] <br>
[[File:Flame Sensor Module(Principle).jpg]] <br>
=='''Experimental Procedures For Arduino '''==
=='''Experimental Procedures For Arduino '''==
[[File:Flame Sensor Module(Fritzing).jpeg]]
[[File:Flame Sensor Module(Fritzing).jpeg]]<br>
'''Step 1:''' Connect the circuit:
'''Step 1:''' Connect the circuit:

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Flame Sensor Module.jpg
Infrared Flame Sensor is used to detect the ignition sources and the intensity of light for robots. Yet, this product is more sensitive to ignition sources.


  1. The module can detect flame or light source whose wavelength ranges from 760nm to 1100nm. The detection distance of the flame of lighter is 80 cm. The larger the flame intensity, the farther the test distance is.
  2. Detection Angle: about 60 degrees.
  3. The module is sensitive to the flame spectrum.
  4. Adjustable sensitivity (adjust by using the blue potentiometer).
  5. Comparator output, clean signal, regular waveform, strong driving ability, current more than 15mA.
  6. Working Voltage: 3.3V~5V.
  7. Output Form: DO digital switch output (0 and 1) and AO analog voltage output.
  8. Holes for easy mounting.
  9. Small Panel Size of PCB: 3.2cm x 1.4cm.
  10. Applying the wide voltage LM393 comparator.

Introduction of Pins

Pin Introduction
VCC The anode of power supply(3.3v-5v)
GND The cathode of power supply
D0 TTl switch signal output
A0 Analog signal output


Flame Sensor applies the principle that the infrared ray is sensitive to flame. It uses the tailor-made photo diode to detect flame and converts the brightness of flame to the variable
level signal, then inputs them into CPU. CPU executes relevant program according to the changing level signal.
Flame Sensor Module(Principle).jpg

Experimental Procedures For Arduino

Flame Sensor Module(Fritzing).jpeg
Step 1: Connect the circuit: